Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Lost - one set of marbles. If found please return to Missbeetle

Morning folks

Here is the latest load of utter shite from the six-legged one

One of my theories is that poor Madeleine isn't dead...
...but is living within the wider circle of McCann friends and family -

(renamed, or returned to)

- and has been doing so since long before her reported disappearance.

This could be why the pictures supposedly of her are so fake -

- deliberate obfuscation of the child's real features -

as she (or even he) was never meant to be found.

I've seen nothing to convince me that Madeleine McCann

- eldest biological daughter of Gerry McCann and Kate Healy -

was ever at the Ocean Club in April/May 2007.

My thoughts only

And this is just one of your theories, is it?

What are the others?

The Moon was put there by ancient Egyptians to provide them with light to build the pyramids by?

Spiders have eight legs because they wanted to start their own clog dancing troupe?

The truth is, Missbeetle, you are as barking mad as Bennett on a bad day and Textusa on a good day. 

So basically your theory is that Madeleine was never in Portugal, despite the testimony from all those who saw her, but has in fact been hiding out in her auntie's airing cupboard for the last eight years

I think I'll just let that sink in for a while...........

Thursday, 9 July 2015

That Last Photo

Hello, It's me again, Mrs Cockroach; style consultant, highlights expert, fashion guru.

I have been looking again at the last photo and as ever I have some observations

These are all my own opinion, don't forget.

(And to the person who commented that my opinion wasn't worth the steam curling off a freshly deposited dog turd, I shall pray for you)

Now before we go on, I just have to say this. Khaki, Gerry?
Really? With your skin tone?
No, no, no and thrice no. Plus an extra one.

You're a ''Winter'', dear. A black linen would have been sooooooooo much more flattering and really you need to do something about that t-shirt. It's so 2006.

Now, I noticed something while microscopically analysing the growth direction of the hairs on Gerry's well-muscled legs.

Peering at the group from the background is what appears to be a ghost raccoon. What is the meaning of this?

Well, some cultures believe that raccoons are Harbingers of Doom. This is quite true. And there is evidence of this. It is a little known fact that Greg Norman was startled by the appearance of a ghost raccoon on the 2nd fairway at the Open in 1990, causing him to shoot a lamentable 76 for the third round, when victory had been within his grasp

So what is the meaning of the appearance of the raccoon here? We can only speculate........

Of course, it could have manifested as a result of Kate pairing Amelie's orange top with a pink hat - what was she thinking?

My opinions only.......

My Opinion Only

Hello, I'm Mrs Cockroach, and I'm a stalker. SORRY, not stalker - blogger!!!!!  Yes, that's what I meant to say. Blogger...........

You see, I can tell a lot about people just by looking at them. Or photos of them. Or their houses. Or pets. Or friends.....

Clothing speaks to me

A pair of socks can speak to me and say ''I am a deranged murderer - keep the hell away from me''

What can I say - it's a gift.

So watch out for my posts. They will bring you insight. They will give you another perspective. They will leave you with a migraine.......