Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Lost - one set of marbles. If found please return to Missbeetle

Morning folks

Here is the latest load of utter shite from the six-legged one

One of my theories is that poor Madeleine isn't dead...
...but is living within the wider circle of McCann friends and family -

(renamed, or returned to)

- and has been doing so since long before her reported disappearance.

This could be why the pictures supposedly of her are so fake -

- deliberate obfuscation of the child's real features -

as she (or even he) was never meant to be found.

I've seen nothing to convince me that Madeleine McCann

- eldest biological daughter of Gerry McCann and Kate Healy -

was ever at the Ocean Club in April/May 2007.

My thoughts only

And this is just one of your theories, is it?

What are the others?

The Moon was put there by ancient Egyptians to provide them with light to build the pyramids by?

Spiders have eight legs because they wanted to start their own clog dancing troupe?

The truth is, Missbeetle, you are as barking mad as Bennett on a bad day and Textusa on a good day. 

So basically your theory is that Madeleine was never in Portugal, despite the testimony from all those who saw her, but has in fact been hiding out in her auntie's airing cupboard for the last eight years

I think I'll just let that sink in for a while...........